Civil Engineering

Our diversified activities in civil engineering allow us to draw upon the leadership and expertise of our teams on-site. Our dynamic team is composed of civil engineers, project managers, technicians and specialized employees. This business sector offers a wide range of prospects!

Electrical Engineering

Electrical infrastructures are at the heart of our work. Whether it is design, installation or other required tasks for business development, we offer a promising and exciting career plan for electrical engineers.

Mechanics Workshop

(Heavy vehicle and construction vehicle mechanics) Our fleet of equipment is deployed on our clients building sites and is composed of an array of specialized equipment maintained and repaired by our experts in mechanics. Whether it is welding, hydraulics, pneumatics, electricity or equipment compliance, our staff is fully mobilized for the task at hand!

Administrative Services

The administrative service employees are deployed on construction sites or in one of the offices. The various skills of this administrative team are leveraged in operations or administration duties, in an interesting and dynamic environment.

Safety on construction sites

The excellence of our operations is guided by our security measures. As such, the health and safety service personnel take action and accompany workers in surrounding risk management and by improving their prevention skills.