For over 60 years, Thirau supports its customers in the construction and maintenance of electrical substations as well as transmission and distribution power lines.

At Thirau, we strive to ensure the excellence of our services safely and to comply with the standards requirements to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Our quality requirement reflects that.

We are oriented towards the satisfaction of our customers and aim to ensure sustainable quality of the structures we build. This requirement, which applies to all levels of the company, leads us to:

  • Always look for opportunities for improvement
  • Skill to listen and be receptive
  • Work safely and identify opportunities
  • Capitalize on experiences
  • Produce consistent works in compliance with the requirements of standards

Engaged in a process of continuous improvement, we are members of professional associations that allow us to track trends and techniques in the industry, to use proven tools in project management for the benefit of our clients.



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